About The Brand


The idea of a creative outlet that would focus on bringing original textile art to light blossomed for a few years. In 2023, "MNEKE by Kissele Art" is ready to bloom.

[Mné-ké] is designed to bring a touch of radiance to your lifestyle and to redefine modern luxury with unique pieces, bold color combinations and conscious retailing. Anchored in light, MNEKE offers you elegance and quality with her first collection of printed satin scarves.

All MNEKE designs are original pieces.
About The Artist

Kissele Art

Self-taught artist based in Montreal, Kissele's art reflects a dynamic Afro-urban universe in an abstract style. Her artistic expression is a colorful blend of African and occidental inspirations with various techniques and media.

In her art work, women, Africa and the urban movement are elements that are asserted boldly.